Achievements, installation of dread extensions

You dream of wearing long natural locks but you think it is impossible because your hair is too short, too fragile, too thin or thinning? The extensions or additions of natural locks are made for you!

Our Models

A natural dreadlocks extension is a dread made of real hair that I crochet myself.
I choose the best quality of human hair on the market in order to make you dreads that are more real than nature! You decide the length, the diameter and the color! And if you hesitate, I will advise you!

Once your extensions are applied, you will have beautiful long natural locks that will look so authentic that no one will see the difference with your real hair. You will be able, then, to keep them ad vitam æternam!

Discovery package : The best initiatory approach to discover the fabulous world of locks.

From 5 to 15 dreadlocks extensions
Duration* between 3 h and 5 h
From 165 € T.T.C.


Plenitude package: A pre-visit to my workshop is mandatory in order to define your project.

From 15 dreadlocks extensions
Duration* between 5 h and 10 h
From 450 € T.T.C.

*The duration of the creation depends on the quality of your hair.

Would you like me to create your natural dreadlocks? Find out how to proceed and contact me!