Creating natural dreadlocks

Want to wear natural dreadlocks but don't want to wait for them to form naturally?

The creation of natural dreadlocks consists of making locks with your hair.
I create these dreads only with crochet. No chemicals (wax or glue) are used in my creations.

Natural dreadlocks are suitable for everyone: men, women, teenagers and children.

To keep your natural dreads looking their best, I apply moisturizing and refreshing treatments to your scalp and locks.

Your hair length should be at least 10 cm (7 cm for afro, curly or frizzy hair). If not, you will have to wait a while to get the right length.

Be careful, when you dreade naturally, the length of your hair is reduced by 30% to 70% or even more for some types of hair. If your hair is 15 cm long, your locks will only measure about 11 cm.

In order to keep your locks looking good, I recommend three to four maintenance sessions per year.

Creation of shortnatural dreads

Duration *: from 3 to 5 hours

From €350 incl. VAT

Creation of long natural locks

Duration *: from 6 h to 9 h

From €650 incl. VAT

* The duration of the creation depends on the quality of your hair.

Would you like me to create your natural dreadlocks? Find out how and contact me!