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Creation and maintenance of premium natural dreads

Dreads Expert, a hairdresser specializing in the creation and maintenance of premium natural dreads, presents its hair salon dedicated to locks. On this site, you'll find answers to all your questions about dreadlocks. First, let me introduce myself in a few lines.

Who am I? A dread hairdresser specializing in the creation and maintenance of premium natural dreads.

I'm Lisah Sandström, creator of natural locks, founder of the Dreads Expert hair salon, the website and the Dreads Academy training institute.

I live in Saint Raphaël (Var) on the French Riviera, more exactly between Nice (Alpes Maritimes) and Saint Tropez (Var) in the PACA region(Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur), in France.

I am a Swedish national of Finnish origin from Rosvik in Swedish Lapland. I am trilingual in Swedish, French and English.

I hold a C.A.P and a B.E.P in hairdressing, as well as a master's degree in the creation, application and shaping of natural dreadlocks.

My business? Hair salon dedicated to the creation and maintenance of natural locks

I am a hairdresser specialized in natural dreadlocks and have been working since 2001. I create, therefore, only authentic locks and extensions made of real hair.

My services also include various types of maintenance and fitness treatments for your locks.

I create dreadlocks for men, women, teens and children. As an expert in creating natural dreads on afro, fine and thinning hair, your dream of wearing locks becomes a reality.

Why create and maintain premium natural dreads?

My passion for dreads began when I discovered Lenny Kravitz on MTV. His locks fascinated me. I was obsessed with wearing them! I did it when I was 12.
In 2001, I created my 1st dreadlocks as an amateur. To perfect my technique, I took courses in hair salons that were experts in natural dreads. This enabled me to create beautiful natural locks for my friends.
In 2006, I became a natural dreadlocks hairdresser. I worked in Sweden and the Netherlands in hair salons specializing in dreads.

My expertise? The creation and maintenance of premium natural crochet dreads

To create dreads, I only use crochet hooks. This object was originally used to create lace. It's the ideal tool for creating and maintaining beautiful locks.
My experience and training have enabled me to develop my own technique for creating and maintaining premium natural dreads. I create your dreads gently and painlessly.
My artistic flair allows me to sublimate your locks.

My work philosophy? Excellence in the creation and maintenance of premium natural dreads.

I position myself in the premium segment of natural dread creation and maintenance. Indeed, I aim for excellence in my art.
I'm passionate about the beauty of natural dreadlocks and how to enhance them. Highlighting faces, eyes and wrinkles, without ever letting the locks take over, these are my daily challenges.
Every dreadlock project requires time and commitment. I carefully analyze faces, hair types and colors to create natural dreads that reflect the soul of each individual.

The dreadlocks extensions I use are made by myself with great care. The hair I use to make them is of the highest quality.

My aim is twofold: to create high quality, aesthetically pleasing locks and to make my clients proud to wear them.

Where to find me? The Dreads Expert workshop

My hair salon dedicated to the creation and maintenance of premium natural dreads is located at 205, rue Isaac Newton, 83700 Saint Raphaël (Var).
Several parking lots are nearby.
I mainly cater for people with reduced mobility, pregnant women and/or women who have just given birth.
I only welcome appointments.

My areas of expertise in the creation and maintenance of premium natural dreads

  • The Alpes Maritimes (06) : Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Grasse
  • Le Var (83): Toulon - Hyères, Brignoles, Draguignan, Saint Tropez- Sainte Maxime, Fréjus - Saint Raphaël
  • Bouches du Rhône (13) : Marseille, Aix en Provence, Martigues
  • The Alpes de Haute Provence (04): Manosque, Castellane, Digne.


Thank you!

Dreads Expert
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elise lainé
elise lainé
13:34 05 Dec 22
Great training with dread expert! Lisah passed on her know-how to me over 2 days with patience and enthusiasm. I.. . learned how to create and maintain dreads in a very professional way, I recommend without more
Katia Vilminot
Katia Vilminot
15:41 03 Dec 22
I found "Dreads expert" on the net, the best-rated site for natural dread extensions. So I made an appointment to discuss my project with Lisah, a pretty Swedish woman with a beautiful accent who knows what she's talking about. Despite my already eccentric look, I needed to be reassured that dreads wouldn't be a constraint!!!!Yesterday was the date to move on to the realization of my project.I spent the day with Lisah, who loves "her passion", creating dreads. This woman lives what she does, and takes great pleasure in seeing her hair evolve. Lisah, thank you for being who you are, and thank you for the quality of your workreadmore
16:28 10 Oct 22
A moment filled with love and gentleness for the resumption of a solid base for my dreadlocks. Lisah is blessed with great. .. patience and generosity. Thank you Lisah for your advice and see you soon for the continuation of our embellishment more
20:43 11 Sep 22
Lisah is an expert who takes on your project with enthusiasm, seriousness and great conscientiousness.. . professional.My project was specific and had a triple objective:firstly to get rid of a salt-and-pepper root effect with colored lengths, secondly to realize a locks dream I'd had for at least 25 years, as well as to give a boost to my transition to a more mature and assertive age. Lisah was a great listener and a great teacher, not only in her professional and artistic skills, but also in her patience and her determination to achieve a 100% successful result (a whole day of tireless dreading of an extremely full head of hair).
Eli Marley
Eli Marley
10:35 09 Sep 22
Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of having pretty dreads, but life got in the way for years. In. .. early 2022, I plan to quit my job and move 600 kilometers away. A change of life, surrounded by many trials and tribulations. I then decided to embark on the dreadloks adventure, for this new book, this new adventure. I started by looking in the Dordogne, where I was based, to see if extensions were feasible, then in the south, towards my new home. I came across a rather strange site, and while browsing other sites I came across Lisah's site. I realized that someone in the Dordogne had stolen her photos to sell her own services. After taking a good look at Lisah's site, I took the plunge. And I have no regrets. I now have pretty dreadlok extensions that I hope to keep as long as possible. Lisah is gentle and very pleasant, we chatted and laughed. Thanks again Lisah for this day, and see you soon for the maintenance of my locks ????more
Christel Bussière
Christel Bussière
17:48 08 Jul 22
A month ago, I didn't hesitate for a second to fly from Alsace to have my dreads created by Lisah.... I'm almost 40, and I wanted my hairstyle to be classy and bohemian to reflect my true personality. With my graying, frizzy hair, I hadn't been able to do my hair for months. What's more, I couldn't get my hair to grow, as it damaged too quickly. I've got a pretty nice face, but I'd lost confidence in my image. Thanks to Lisah, what a transformation! I can change my hairstyle 10 times a day if I feel like it, and it stands up on its own! I've never had so many compliments on my appearance. And yet I'm a consultant, so far from doing me any disservice, dreads are an affirmation of my style and my artistic side. And the look on my husband's face? Rrrrrrrrr... Lisah, you're sweet, empathetic, thoughtful and, above all, really talented. If I had to do it all over again? I'd rather do it 1,000 times than once. Thank you for everything. ????readmore
Nahia Sohalia
Nahia Sohalia
10:09 15 May 22
Very professional, warm, a great welcome and a very good time spent with Lisah who does her. .. work very well. I appreciated her technique and precision. Thanks again Lisah!!???? ♥️read more
Logann Huet
Logann Huet
19:38 11 May 22
I did a dreadlock maintenance service in her very pretty salon, and I was. .. welcomed like I've never been welcomed by a dread hairdresser, Lisah knows how to make you feel at ease ☕????????I thought my dreads were pretty well maintained, but I saw how wrong I was, I've never seen them in such great shape!With her personalized advice, know-how, techniques, speed and efficiency, Lisah is, as her boutique indicates, an expert in her field. ????I'm used to Afro hairdressers who are just as expert, but there's a huge difference with Lisah. Gentle and attentive, she knows exactly what you need for the nature of your hair, whether it's for maintenance or the products to use.I came out looking brand new with a real guideline for having the most beautiful locs ✨Beautiful conversations accompany the service, it's a very pleasant moment, perfect from start to finish ????See you soon Lisah ????readmore
13:15 09 Feb 22
I discovered Lisah over 2 and a half years ago on the networks, as I was looking for someone to create dreads for me,... unfortunately I couldn't afford her services for my creation at the time. I've been following her regularly ever since, and I had the honor (yes, really, I was very moved ☺️) of going under her hook and golden hands yesterday, and she's really an extraordinary person, with a warm welcome, a fast and incredible service! I've had the opportunity to do root retapes at other people's homes, much longer and much less well. She's full of good advice, shares what she knows and recommends great products. What more can I say? Go for it!????✨✨✨✨✨❤️read more
KABIA Edouard
KABIA Edouard
18:48 03 Feb 22
Excellent service, friendly person who loves his work and does it excellently I am delighted and I.. . recommend!!read more
Marjorie Roubaud
Marjorie Roubaud
08:37 02 Feb 22
I took the Dreads Expert Academy course! Lisah is an excellent teacher, passing on years. .. of experience and supporting us throughout our project with all the professionalism that characterizes her Dreads Expert salon. I recommend her for training and for creating and maintaining Dreadlocks ????more
Marie Laure
Marie Laure
10:35 10 Dec 21
An unforgettable experience. Lisah is an extraordinary creator
Lauraleen Chardronnet
Lauraleen Chardronnet
09:18 26 Jun 21
It's been a little over a week since I've been in Lisah's magical hands... She does an incredible job, and... does it with all her heart. Very professional, she takes the time to talk to you to find the right thing for you, and I think it's impossible to be disappointed. I still smile when I look at my hair! Thanks again for everything Lisah ????????????✌????readmore
David Parmentier
David Parmentier
07:27 03 Jun 21
Thank you Lisah for my great haircut, I highly recommend this beautiful soul, 10 hours of hard work and... TACK !!!!read more
Justine Tourpe
Justine Tourpe
11:06 31 Mar 21
Simply perfect! Lisah creates dread locks of just exceptional quality! When she applied her... talent as a facialist I felt as if she had simply read my mind to create the perfect mane! Patient and meticulous, I was welcomed like at home. Don't hesitate, she is the best to accompany you in this wonderful adventure! Thank you again!read more
Celine Motta
Celine Motta
20:47 10 Oct 20
Exemplary professionalism, high quality work, good advice, top notch
anthony bouchard
anthony bouchard
07:03 24 Sep 20
What can I say... Lisah puts so much heart into what she does!!!!meeting with an artist, no other word! A.. . beautiful person who works with passion and meticulousness.after waiting for years and after looking everywhere to find a quality hairdresser, I can say that you don't have to go anywhere else!I 've been waiting for years to find a quality hairdresser and I can say that I don't need to go anywhere else!!! Thank you so much for your work and your patience!!!read more
Isabelle Ehrhardt
Isabelle Ehrhardt
19:50 07 Sep 20
One word: SUPER!
Audrey HERSE
Audrey HERSE
15:57 01 Aug 20
Lisa is very professional and adorable! In addition to a superb dreads outfit she offers us a pleasant moment. .. in her company. ????readmore
Tommy Bevia
Tommy Bevia
20:55 29 May 20
Lisah is very professional and calm and has a knowledge and passion that makes her look great. I've always had dreadsin my head.. . through my choice of characters in video games and especially through reggae. When I was trying to get started I came across Dread Expert and then at two gigs he was also recommended to me so I got in touch a few months ago. We talked by phone/email with pictures and I went there. We saw from my face what would be the best match. Having seen people with Lisah's dreads I told her I trust you to do what you think. Today was a very busy day with this magnificent creation that Lisah did for me. Haircut, dread extension creation (before) + fitting on the day with great advice. I don't regret my choice at all, thanks Lisah! The place is soothing and calm and everything is great. Recommend to maxreadmore
Alario Virginie
Alario Virginie
12:44 06 Mar 20
Lisah is really great! She is very professional, meticulous, a perfectionist, she puts her heart into her work, we really feel that she wants us to be proud of our Dreads, she doesn't do things by halves. Her crochet work is really beautiful and brings authenticity to the dreads! Thank you again for having me in your beautiful studio, really very very very happy with what you did! Thank you very much again! And see you soon for the interview!read more
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