Maintenance and shaping of your dreads

The maintenance of natural dreads is a necessity to have healthy and aesthetically perfect locks

I recommend that you carry out four interviews per year

Do you find the maintenance of your natural dreadlocks and their shaping, which you do yourself, to be a burden?

Are you having trouble maintaining your natural dreads? Despite all your efforts, you can't solve them?

After you have reshaped your dreadlocks yourself, you are not satisfied with the result?

You are welcome to visit Dreads Expert for the maintenance and shaping of your natural dreadlocks.

I offer three types of natural dreadlocks maintenance:

  • The classic
  • The rescue
  • Maintenance of the tips


It consists of :

  • Take up your roots to tighten and solidify your dreadlocks.
  • Reintegrate the unruly hair into the dread along its entire length.
  • Apply moisturising and refreshing treatments to your scalp and locks.
  • I will also advise you on the hair products to use to enhance your dreadlocks as well as on the maintenance routine to perform to strengthen your locks.

Duration: 1 h to 4 h
From €145 inc.


This is the "classic" plus :

  • Catching up on locks that were badly made when they were created.
  • Untangle and unravel mixed and/or misshapen dreadlocks.
  • Application of sophisticated treatments to bring your locks back to life.

Duration: 3 h to 5 h
From €315 inc.


It is about embellishing the extensions of your dreads by :

  • A reworking of your brush tips.
  • Reinforcing the aesthetics of your dreadlocks.

I recommend doing this twice a year (in spring and autumn).

Duration: 3 h to 8 h
From €275 inc.

Would you like to make an appointment? I invite you to consult my schedule!