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Creating natural dreadlocks - Vincent

Creating natural dreadlocks - Vincent

Creating natural dreadlocks - Vincent

Vincent wanted me to create something for him. He didn't really have any precise ideas about his project. He asked me to make different proposals. My only constraint was to respect his budget.

After receiving his three photos, I noticed that he had frizzy hair. I then imagined a creation with thin dreads and closed ends. This type of locks perfectly matches his face.

I submitted this idea to him, among others. Vincent approved it. So I did it. And here is the result! Vincent is very proud of his dreads.

He will carefully maintain them in two ways: the application of hair products dedicated to dreads that I have recommended to him and by regular styling by myself.

Creation of natural dreadlocks - Vincent. A creation by Lisah Sandström from Dreads Expert.

To maintain your dreads, I recommend the products of the Danish brand Raw Roots. You can buy them on the website Dreadheadshop. In order to keep your dreads looking good, it is imperative to do maintenance three times a year.

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