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Dreadlocks : creation of natural extensions - Gilles

Dreadlocks : creation of natural extensions - Gilles

Dreadlocks : creation of natural extensions - Gilles

Gilles comes from Aix en Provence (Bouches du Rhône). He wanted to wear locks for a long time. He quickly decided to create dreadlocks with natural extensions.

During the course of our discussions, a chic and contemporary design was an obvious choice. Indeed, because of his profession, naval maintenance of military ships, a certain formalism is required.

For a beautiful harmony of this realization, the accent was put on the adequacy of the colours between the created extensions and her face.

Once the dreadlocks are in place, I did a classic short couple. Gilles can attach his dreads, he is delighted with the result !

Gilles will maintain his locks with care in two ways: the application of hair products dedicated to dreads that I have recommended to him and by regular styling by myself.

Dreadlocks : creation of natural extensions - Gilles. A creation by Lisah Sandström from Dreads Expert.

In order to keep your dreads looking good, it is important to do maintenance three times a year. To maintain your dreads, I recommend the products of the Danish brand Raw Roots. You can buy them on the website Dreadheadshop.

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