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Dreadlocks for kids | Young boy finally realized his dream

Dreadlocks for kids | Young boy finally realized his dream

Four-year-old Andrea has always been fascinated by dreads. As soon as he saw a person wearing dreadlocks on the road, walking on the street, he was pointing his finger towards since always. He wanted that ! His parents were convinced that they had to look for a professional with an artistique talent for his son, so they looked all over the internet and founded my latest créations. They took an appointent with me, and they  came all a way from Toulon to Saint Raphaël to meet me in my dreadlocks salon so I could do his dreads. And this is the result !!! Proud of my creation !!! Three months later, Andrea came back for his first dreadlocks maintenance. His dreads have evolved well and I’m delighted with the result.

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