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Dreadlocks afro : Maintenance of natural dreadlocks little boy

Dreadlocks afro : Maintenance of natural dreadlocks little boy

Since 2001 I have been working with different hair types and qualities to create and maintain dreadlocks. I have an expertise and an affinity for afro hair, as a large part of my apprenticeship as a loctician was done in an African hair salon in Stockholm that specialised in creating and maintaining dreads for children with afro hair.

Casper is from Denmark, spending his holidays with his family on the French Riviera. His mother contacted me for a dreadlocks maintenance for her son. It's a real pleasure to do the maintenance of Casper's dreads. I love afro hair and I love working with children. Tightening each dread with a hook from the roots to the tips helps to solidify the dread along its entire length. My Swedish touch and the dexterity of my hands make this work painless. Casper is delighted with the tightness of his dreads and the care applied. Their holiday in the Var continues!

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I also advise you to do some styling four times a year . This will make your dreadlocks look better. I also recommend that you do the first maintenance two months after their creation.