This question is frequently asked by those considering wearing dreads. I only give my humble opinion. I try, therefore, to motivate it as best I can. It's not about making a value judgement on one or the other. So, natural dreads or synthetic dreads?

I made the choice to create only locks made of real hair. Natural dreadlocks have, in my opinion, qualities that synthetic dreads do not have:

  1. They are kept longer.
  2. The colour and length can be changed whenever you want.
  3. Maintenance is easier.
  4. . The feel is better
  5. . It's more aesthetic for my taste.

That's why many people who wear synthetic locks ask me to switch to natural dreads.

Tip: If you buy hair, the words "natural hair" do not mean that it is made of real hair. In fact, only the words "100% human hair, without synthetic fibres" are a guarantee of real hair.

The steps to create natural dreadlocks:a text by Dreads Expert.

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In order to have strong and shiny locks, maintenance should be carried out regularly. A quarterly rhythm would be ideal. After dreads have been made, have your first patching done sixty days later.