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Fine hair and creation of natural dreads extensions

Fine hair and creation of natural dreads extensions

Natural dreadlocks and fine hair. Extensions are possible!

Morgane contacted me in 2017 for a creation of dreads with natural extensions. She wanted to wear natural locks despite her fine hair.

She had no clear idea of what she wanted. So I suggested a consultation to help her make the best choice.

During this appointment, Morgane told me that she didn't know what to do with her hair. It was too thin, too flat, too dry and above all, according to her, looked like nothing at all!

Morgana couldn't stand the perpetual knotting of her hair. She had to brush it for hours every day to look like something. She only wanted one thing, a change of hair to be in agreement with herself!

I loved this mission she gave me ! Like a facialist, I carefully analysed her face, her eyes, her smile, her freckles, her neck and the shape of her skull. I was thus able to propose a creation allowing her to :

  • Reconcile herself with her fine hair for good.
  • To display a look that fully satisfies her and best reflects her personality.

So I imagined long dreadlocks in extension combining different colours light/honey and brown/hazel. Morgane had the opportunity to create different types of hairstyles, various kinds of buns and braids. All this while looking beautiful, original, elegant and chic.

Morgane is delighted with her dreadlocks. She has been wearing them with pride since 2017. She keeps on adding to them as she gives them a makeover and interviews me. Very attentive to the quality and aesthetics of her locks, Morgane comes to see me three times a year in my workshop so that I can sublimate her locks.

Today's refit consisted of :
  • Adding new dreads around her face. I suggested a hazel brown colour for her new natural extensions. Indeed, this colour goes perfectly well with her old dreadlocks. These have become lighter over time.
  • Create two additional lines of locks towards the top of the head to: increase the volume of her hair and eliminate the flatness of her hair at the top of her ears.
  • The hair at the top of her head is taken up so that it falls naturally on her dreadlocks. This accentuates the volume effect.

Morgane has created, with her husband, a snack bar, L'Erigane Burger, very famous in Fréjus. Follow them on Facebook! For the curious, it is located in the commercial area of La Palud (near the Décathlon).

If you go there, you will be able to meet Morgane and her beautiful locks ! But be careful, they will be closed from December 22, 2019 to January 27, 2020 for well deserved holidays !

Natural dreadlocks and fine hair. Extensions are possible! A creation from Lisah Sandström of Expert Dreads.

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In order to keep your locks looking good, I advise you to do maintenance three times a year . After a creation, I recommend that you carry out the first maintenance of your locks two months later.

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