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Natural dreadlocks extensions on fine hair - Layna

Natural dreadlocks extensions on fine hair - Layna

Natural dreadlocks extensions on fine hair

When Layna, 19 years old, first contacted me, she worked in a piercing store in Aix-en-Provence. Apart from her job, she was used to meet original people. One day one of my customers came into the store and she immediately loved his dreadlocks. She was curious, because she was looking for a solution for her thin hair that didn't match her personality. She was looking for a hairstyle that would represent her, and amplify her personality.

Natural Dreads the solution to fine, dry and brittle hair

She decided to contact me for information. I analyzed the nature of her hair, a very fine texture that reminds me of Scandinavian hair. A quality of hair that I know a lot about from my first professional years in Stockholm and Lulea in the north of Sweden where I am from.

Fine blonde or chestnut colored hair often makes for great and soft dreadlocks. It is important to know that having fine hair is not a problem for wearing handmade dreadlocks with natural hair extensions. With natural dreadlocks extensions you can create natural dreads that are compatible with very fine hair without any problems.

Layna followed my advice, she started with the discovery package: Between 10 and 15 natural dreads extensions.

In my opinion, this is the best approach to initiation. It has, moreover, several advantages:

  • Smooth out the cost of the creation over time, because a full head of natural extensions is expensive.
  • See if the dreads suit you.
  • Know if your scalp can handle dreadlocks.
  • If their maintenance is not too restrictive for you.
  • Keep some of your natural hair.
  • To know the reaction of your family, friends and professional circle.

Over the next year she wanted to add some new ones because she was convinced that this was the best hair choice for her! I chose to do a harmonious grid and cut her bangs very short to frame her face with front highlights that went around her blue eyes in front of her ears.

In order to keep her dreads in perfect shape, I recommended that she follow a daily maintenance routine. I also made her aware of the importance of regular maintenance of her locks (four times a year). These should be done by a recognized professional. This way, her locks will keep their beauty. Finally, I taught her different hairstyles adapted to dreads. Layna will be able to style her locks as she wishes.