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From mini afro locks to long afro dreads

From mini afro locks to long afro dreads

From mini afro locks to long afro dreads 

Guy, a dynamic 50-year-old, has always worked on cruise ships. He sails all the world's seas.

On a stopover in Nice, he came to my workshop so that I could lengthen his mini afro locks.

The desire to wear longer afro locks

Guy has been wearing afro mini-locks for a few months now, and is very happy with them. However, his long-standing problem has always been slow hair growth.

Now 50, he wants to wear long locks. A desire to change his look and to be able to tie his locs was behind this project. What's more, the possibility of creating different hairstyles appealed to him.

After inquiring about the possibility of going from mini afro locks to long afro dreads, he contacted me to entrust me with the mission.

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From mini Afro locks to long Afro dreads.

During our first telephone conversation, Guy told me about his project to lengthen his dreadlocks. He had sent me photos beforehand. This enabled me to give him the best advice.

After analyzing her mini dreads, I recommended natural dread extensions. These are locks made from real Afro hair.

Guy still chose the length, diameter and tips he wanted. I guided him so that these extensions would have a beautiful harmony.

I love creating these kinds of locks because creating Afro dreads is, indeed, the quintessence of our craft.

After fitting these Afro locks, I taught Guy how to wash his dreads, how to pamper them so that they retain their original beauty as they grow and how to create pretty hairstyles with his new dreads (chignon, etc.).

Guy maintains his locks with Raw Root's hair care products specially created for natural dreadlocks.