Realization of locks with natural extensions - Lionel

Realization of locks with natural extensions - Lionel

Realization of locks with natural extensions - Lionel

As a preamble, please note that natural extension means, in this text, adding real hair.

In 2017, Lionel wore dreadlocks. He cut them off in 2018 because he was unhappy with their quality.

The desire to report locks was always strong. But he only wanted to restart the adventure if an expert took care of it.

An acquaintance of his recommended me. First, he preferred to follow me on my website.

Convinced by my work, Lionel contacted me for a new creation. He knew exactly what he wanted. So I followed his specifications exactly.

Lionel is delighted with the result. From now on, he will be able to wear his new natural dreads with pride.

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To care for your dreads, I recommend the Danish brand products Raw Roots. You can buy them on the site Dreadheadshop.

Creating dreads with natural extensions - Lionel. A creation by Lisah Sandström from Expert Dreads.

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