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Shaping natural dreads - Christian

Shaping natural dreads - Christian

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Christian lives in Nice. He has been wearing natural dreadlocks for a long time.

He regularly comes to see me to get them in shape. Today, Christian came with his wife. She wanted me to teach her how to do beautiful hairstyles for her husband.

Christian's hair grows at an incredible rate. This makes it difficult to maintain.

I then use a specific technique for picking locks. This is a method I learned in Sweden during my training as a loctician*. It is widely used in Scandinavia in complex cases like Christian's. This technique is nicknamed "the swedish touch".

Classic dreadlock hooking consists of making quick movements back and forth in the dreadlock. But in the case of mature dreads, it is important, in order not to weaken them and break them, not to pierce them from one side to the other. " the swedish touch" consists in just gently "poking" the hair to reintegrate it into its original lock

I have made this technique my own. I have developed and improved it over the years to make it my own. It is similar to a sewing technique similar to macramé. That's why, in this case, I say "sew" the dread.

The interview I conducted was in three stages:

  1. Gather the hair that has grown around each dread.
  2. Define which locks to put them in.
  3. Apply my "the swedish touch" crochet technique to sew each dreadlock back on. This way the hair that has grown around each dreadlock is reincorporated into the dreads.

In order to highlight Christian's face and locks, I suggested that he trim his sideburns slightly to match his beard. This way his look comes out well groomed and elegant.

Once he was back in shape, I advised him on a variety of special dreadlocks hairstyles. These are basically buns that he can wear with pride. I took advantage of Christian's wife's presence to teach them both how to make beautiful buns and especially how to tie them up properly.

Indeed, it is fun to wear long natural dreads, precisely to achieve beautiful, stylish and impeccable hairstyles!

Christian and his wife are leaving soon for Brazil. I wish them a good trip!

Natural dreads - Christian. An artwork by Lisah Sandström from Dreads Expert.

To maintain your dreads, I recommend the products of the Danish brand Raw Roots. You can buy them on the website Dreadheadshop.

In order to keep your locks looking good, I advise you to have them serviced three times a year.

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N.B.: Remodelling and maintenance are used in this text as synonyms. *Loctician means creator of natural dreadlocks.

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