Maintenance of mature natural dreadlocks for men

Vincent, one of my first clients here in France since 2012, regularly comes to see me for the maintenance of his dreadlocks in my hair salon in Saint Raphaël. He takes good care of his dreadlocks by using the hair products I recommend. In addition, he regularly comes to see me to have his dreads reshaped. For the record, this last expression is, in this article, synonymous with maintenance.

This maintenance is done with a hook. I recommend this maintenance if you want to keep your dreads in good health. In addition, this operation allows you to keep the original aesthetics of your locks. Ideally, this procedure should be carried out three to four times a year to avoid looking neglected.

To maintain your dreads, I recommend the products of the Danish brand Raw Roots. You can buy them on the website Dreadheadshop. In order to keep your locks looking good, I advise you to do maintenance three times a year.

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