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Creation of natural dreadlocks for men with gradient cut

Creation of natural dreadlocks for men with gradient cut

David lives in Aix en Provence. He is a company director He has a team of about ten employees working in the building trade. He contacted me for a creation of natural dreadlocks for men with a gradient cut.

He first came to my studio in Saint Raphaël (Var) for a pre-visit. We had a long discussion about the final result he wanted to obtain.

His desire was to wear long natural locks in a chic and bohemian style. He wanted to be able to tie them up and create different types of buns.

After analysing the quality of her hair, I knew immediately that I could create natural dreads without losing length. Indeed, when dreading directly on hair, the length of the locks created is reduced by an average of 30 to 40% compared to the natural length.

David's fine, dry hair is ideal for making natural dreadlocks. The texture of the hair makes it easier to create dreadlocks with a hook because it tangles easily.

What natural dreads did I imagine for David? 

As a hairdresser, I analysed the various components of her face and made a proposal that corresponded to her wishes. I was thus able to create locks that best suited her morphopsychology.

The hairstyle I submitted to David was based on the creation of thin dreadlocks with brush tips and a layered V cut. My goal was to highlight his charisma and personality while keeping a touch of finesse and softness.

David was thrilled. And here is the result! Creation of natural dreadlocks for men with a layered cut by Lisah Sandström from Dreads Expert.

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