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From the Mountains to the Sea | On the road to dreadlocks

From the Mountains to the Sea | On the road to dreadlocks

When a child comes to my studio with his parents I have to make sure that the decision to wear dreads is well thought out because it is a change of life, at school, with his friends, and that it requires a rigorous maintenance especially in the first year.

Prune, a little girl who knows what she wants!

Prune fell in love with dreadlocks when she saw Black M's video "French Kiss", so much so that she managed to convince her parents to let her wear a very original haircut at the age of 7!

Prune and her parents live in Grenoble and for a year they were looking for a professional who could do a child's hair, without success. It was when they found my website that they found out about my services for creating and maintaining dreads, also on children.

400 km and one meeting later

The decision was made and the whole family came to meet me in Saint-Raphaël in my workshop. I could see that Prune was determined to wear dreads and that her parents supported her in her choice.

Her beautiful long blonde hair was perfect for a natural wide dread creation, and as I transformed her hair a beautiful bond was created between the little girl and me.

A happy little girl and muse of her school

3 months later, Prune and her parents returned to Saint-Raphaël for the necessary maintenance of the dreadlocks. I was happy to see that the little girl had followed all my advice to the letter and happy to see how proudly they were wearing them.

Nevertheless, I wanted to make sure that she was living this change of life well and when Prune told me that all her friends wanted the same hairstyle and the same style, I realised that I had in front of me a real little piece of woman!

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