Dreadlocks: it's cap season!

Dreadlocks: the season of hats is here! However, it is difficult to find quality hats designed exclusively for locks.

A few years ago, I used to sell hats and headbands at various festivals in northern Europe (Sweden, Finland and Norway mainly). They were perfect for dread wearers but not only. So I decided to import them to France to meet the high demand of my customers.

Therefore, I offer you a selection of these hats available in the following colours: blue, green, red, brown, with or without visor. Headbands, in the same colour as the caps, are also available for sale. These products are made from 100% pure new wool.

So, when you come to do your quarterly maintenance or to buy your hair care products dedicated to dreads, don't hesitate to come and discover and try them: Dread caps and headbands