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Dreadlocks : creation with natural extensions

Dreadlocks : creation with natural extensions

Christophe has been dreaming of creating dreadlocks with natural extensions for a long time.

Passionate about dreadlocks, he has been following for a long time on social networks, various locticians of the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region.

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First of all, let me introduce Christophe. He is originally from Brignoles (Var). He is a professional tattooist in this same city. He is a recognized specialist in blackwork tattooing. I invite you to find his work on his page facebook.

Christophe thought that his thin and thinning hair made it impossible for him to wear natural dreadlocks. However he continued to follow me on my instagram, facebook and my pinterest to discover the different creations I was making for men.

One day, intrigued by my dreadlocks creations, he decided to contact me.

My creation of locks with fine hair and my article no or little hair, dreadlocks are possible, decided him to contact me. He used for that the contact form found on my website

After receiving his request and his three photos, I analysed the feasibility of the project. I contacted Christophe by phone to discuss his project.

Her hair was not long enough (9 cm) to create a nice natural extension. Indeed, a minimum length of 10 cm is required to be able to wear dreads and/or natural locks extensions.

Moreover, in view of his thinning hair, the need for more length was imperative. Indeed, when a man is thinning out, the longer the hair, the better he can hide the beginning of his baldness.

I then advised her to let her hair grow for another 3 months so that I could create a beautiful dreads with natural extensions.

The creation of dreadlocks with natural extensions by Christophe.

Three months later, Christophe contacted me again about his creation. As he wanted a full head design, I asked him to come and see me for a pre-visit. His hair was the right length (13.5 cm).

This pre-visit is essential because it allows me to :

    • to discuss the details of their project in person with the prospect in order to fully understand their expectations and thus achieve precisely what they want.
    • analyse the quality of his hair to determine the number of dread extensions to create.
    • that we choose together the colour, the tones, the reflections, the diameter of the hair which will constitute the natural extensions.
    • In this way, I can give the prospect an accurate quote.

Christophe had no idea what he wanted as dreads. He gave me carte blanche in my creative process.

First, an analysis of his hair, face shape and tattoos was done to create natural dreadlocks extensions that would best match Christophe's distinctive features.

I imagined an American style haircut in order to place the dreads in the middle of the neck and make them stand out. I opted for thick indigo dreadlocks for :

  • Lengthen the shape of your face with an optical effect.
  • Camouflage the holes in his thinning hair as best as possible. Over time, the growth of his dreads will blur his balding forehead.

Christophe is delighted with this creation. He realized his dream of wearing beautiful dreadlocks made of natural extensions. He now wears his dreads proudly.

Christophe is aware that in order to keep beautiful natural dreadlocks, he will have to use hair care products specially created for locks. Moreover, in order to keep his dreads looking perfect, he will have to come back to see me for regular maintenance.

I also advise you to do some conditioning four times a year . This will make your locks look better. I also recommend that you do the first maintenance two months after their creation.

To maintain your dreads, I recommend the following products Raw Roots . You can find them on the website Dreadheadshop.

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