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Dreadlocks : Turning twists into dreads - Jenny

Dreadlocks : Turning twists into dreads - Jenny

Dreadlocks : Transformation of twists into dreads. Discover, through Jenny, how I made this change.

A desire to wear dreadlocks

Jenny had been wearing twists for six months. Her wish was, however, to have dreads. The twists were just a step towards the locks. Twists are Afro hairstyles. They are made up of two strands of hair that are rolled separately on themselves, in the same direction and then together around each other. Jenny was looking for a hairdresser who specialised in dreads to transform her vanillas. A recognised competence in afro hair was a plus.

An analysis of the work of locticians 

The term loctician refers to a professional loctician. After consulting various websites of colleagues, Jenny discovered my work through my gallery of creations. Jenny appreciated the creations I had made with Boudy and Céline . Moreover, my interviews with Mariaa, Ambre and Stéphanie reassured her of my skills as a loctician on afros. Convinced that I was the right person, she contacted me. After various exchanges, she entrusted me with the transformation of her twists into dreads. She had previously consulted my rates and understood my high-end positioning.

Dreadlocks : Transformation of twists into dreads. How did I do it?

The different stages in the transition from vanillas to locks

This work was carried out in several stages:

  • Gather the hair that has grown around each twist.
  • Choose which dread to put them in.
  • Crochet each twist into a dreadlock.

This hooking is done by a technique called "the swedish touch". I created it about twenty years ago. I've been improving it ever since. This process transforms each twist into dreadlocks. This hooking also allows me to literally sew the lock. I also reincorporate all the hair that has grown out of the twist.

Dreadlocks care and advice

To make sure Jenny's dreads look great, I treated them with natural hair products specially designed for afro and curly hair. These products moisturise the scalp and make each lock shine.

These products are from the brand Raw Root's and DollyLocks. You can buy them on the website dreadheadshop.

In order to keep her dreads in perfect shape, I recommended that she follow a daily maintenance routine. I also made her aware of the importance of regular maintenance of her locks (four times a year). These should be done by a recognised professional. This way, her locks will remain beautiful at all times. Finally, I taught her different hairstyles for dreads. Jenny will be able to style her locks as she pleases.