Dreadlocks are coming out of the Rastafarian box and invading the world of work and fashion. Even better, they are at the top of the current trends.

After centuries of misconceptions and false rumors, natural dreadlocks are entering the world of work and fashion, and are even on top of the trends. Maybe it's time to step up and show your true colors. Being free and showing it is the real freedom.

My creations are a mixture of elegance and originality, a way of bringing our personalities to light, of breaking out of the prefabricated mould we are destined for, to shine through our differences.

Many of my clients have never worn dreads before and I advise them to start gradually with a few locks to make sure it fits them. Once they have successfully adapted, they often decide to make another appointment to add new ones.

Others go straight to a full head creation, already sure of the result it will give on them and aware that natural dreadlocks are at the top of the trends

In any case, all come out transformed by this passage to natural dreadlocks.

A simple step towards a more assertive identity, towards a freedom finally assumed. Free to be at peace with oneself and to show it to the world without fear of being judged.

Some of my clients, most of them probably, rediscover a part of themselves that they had hidden. Sometimes even a new self that they didn't know or hadn't yet brought out of the depths, where the doubts and fears that slow us down in our quest for freedom reside. They feel confident again, ready to take on life and offer the best.

Dreadlocks are finally becoming more democratic, in sports, fashion, TV, even in politics. Being free and showing it is the real freedom.