Do you want to have dreadlocks? But you are wondering: what is the best way to wear dreadlocks? Indeed, the doubt assails you preventing you to jump the step.

  • What will my professional environment think?
  • Is the maintenance of dreads restrictive?
  • Am I not making you regret your choice?

Nevertheless, these questions are legitimate. We have all experienced them. They are an integral part of our journey into the world of dreads.

To discover the world of locks, I advise you to start with a dozen dreadlocks. It is, indeed, the best way to start.

This will allow you to answer all your questions in vivo. If you don't like it, it will be easier to untangle a dozen dreads than sixty.

On the other hand, if this first test has enabled you to clear up all your doubts. There is nothing to stop you from adding another ten or more locks. After that, it will be a personal choice as to your approach to dreadlocks.

What approach to wearing dreadlocks? An article by Lisah Sandström from Dreads Expert.

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I also advise you to do some conditioning four times a year . This will make your locks more beautiful and stronger. I also recommend that you do the first maintenance of your dreadlocks two months after their creation.

In addition, to maintain your dreads, I recommend the products of the Danish brand Raw Roots. You can also find them on the website Dreadheadshop.

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